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Staff Member: Department:


Allmoslecher, Tony
Volleyball Coach Off Campus
Armstrong, Andy
Language Arts 22213
Barlow, Ed
Social Studies 21101
Barr, Wayne
Physics 21204
Bartlett, Susan
Business/Yearbook 21205
Bayless, Caleb
Spanish 22108
Beckett, Rachel   French 22102
Belt, LaTricia
Science 21200
Benipal, Jessica
Language Arts 21208
Berendt, Emily
Math 22229
Binney, Kari
Science 22203
Booker, Heather
Main Office 21029
Bordewick, Luke
Science 22201
Boyer, Jacque   Office 21112
Bromley, Kirk   Social Studies 21102
Brown, Kenny
History/Coach 21109
Burkhart, Lauren
Language Arts 21214
Calhoon, Annie
Math 21106
Campbell, Chad
Drafting 22206
Carlton, Chase
Social Studies 21100
Carpino, Brenda
Counselor's Office 21035
Carr, Norman
Debate 22209
Carter, Nicole   Special Education 21112
Church, Cheryl   Art 24120
Clark, Amanda
Social Studies 21100
Cook, Dana
Nurse 21050
Cortez, Rachel
Special Education 21112
Crigger, Katie
Vocal Music 24110
Cunningham, Caroline
Theater 24110
Curl, Monica
Social Studies 21105
Curtis, Amy
Math 22227
Dudolski, Kristen
Administrative Assistant to the Principal 21015
Dykstra, Emma
Language Arts 21210
Edwards, Chris   Social Studies 21104
Fanning, Deana
Attendance 21026
French, Jason
Science 22204
Gandy, Elizabeth
Counselor 21130
Gardner, Drenda
Career Development 21216
Gartner, Chris
ELL 22106
Godfrey, Mike
ISS/Coach 21122
Guidie, Jon
Weights/Coach 23120
Hargrave, Brian
Vocal Music 24110
Havely, David
Language Arts 21225
Hartley, Sandy
Math 21108
Hensley, Debbie
Main Office 21124
Hilburn, Cody
Special Education/Coach 21207
Hodson, Kristi
Family & Career Science 22109
Hogan, Kathy
Math 22214
Holman, Angela
Vice Principal 21021
Horton, Jaime
Project Lead the Way 22202
Howerton, Kathryn
ELL 22103
Huntley, Matt
Principal 21010
Johns, Alice
Spanish 21113
Jones, Annette
Special Education 21110
Jones, Sonora
Family & Career Science 22111
Keeling, Lea Ann   Library Media Specialist 21061
Kyte, Craig
Science 21203
Lawrence, Bob
Maintenance 21080
LePage, Marla
Spanish 22110
Luxton, David
Band 24107
Macy, Jordan
DARE Officer 24100
Martin, Joyce
Science 21202
Maxwell, Brant
A+ and Physical Education 21026
Miller, Don
Instructional Facilitator 21136
Morris, Nathan
Special Ed 22208
Newport, Kirby
Social Studies 22107
Newport, Regina   Hearing Impaired 22215
Nichols, Ricky
Special Education 21111
Palmer, Autumn
Science 21201
Patrick, Jared
Business 22105
Perez, Cyndi
Translator 21025
Perkins, Dustin   Vice-Principal 21020
Rankin, Nancy
Library Media Specialist 21061
Ray, Steve
Physical Education/Coach 23108
Rogers, Sam
Vice-Principal 22203
Rogers, Tracy
Speech Therapist 21063
Russell, Zoie
Math 22207
Sager, Jennifer
Band 24107
Schram, Lindsey   Office 21027
Sheets, April
Special Education 21207
Shue, Kim
Special Education 21207
Art 24118
Sipes, Nicole
Health 23132
Smith, Stacy
Special Education 21111
Spencer, Sadie
Business/Multimedia 21067
Stevens, Joan
Stenger, Kelsey
Physical Education 23126
Stephens, Debbie
Business/FBLA 22119
Swift, Kathleen
Gifted Education 22100
Tiller, Gage   Business 21123
Tubbs, Caroline
Language Arts 21212
Turley, Elizabeth
Viera, Yessenia
Vinson, Gay
Language Arts 21227
Wade, Carole
Math 22205
Wagner, Jennifer
Math 22212
Whitehead, Flint   Social Studies 21103
Whyte, Bryan
Debate 22211
Wilkerson, Chris
Science 22200
Wilkinson, Melissa
Language Arts 21107
Williams, Susan
Assistant to Athletic Director and A+ Director 23100
Wilson, Shelley
Counselor 21128
Woods, Patricia
Science 21206
Woolery, Odilia   ELL 22104
Yost, Annie   Counselor 21126
Youngworth, Andy   Social Studies/Athletic Director 22100