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Carthage High School is designated as an A+ school and provides direction for students as they prepare for college and careers. Career Pathways provide goals for students to assist them in possible careers. The fundamental approach to significant learning revolves around teacher-facilitated learning.

CHS welcomes student success through a challenging curriculum delivered by dedicated and highly trained teachers. An impressive and comprehensive selection of Advanced Placement (AP) and College Dual Credit courses give Carthage High School students the opportunity to extend their learning while offering them the opportunity to earn college credit.

Effective technology integration is also a primary focus at CHS. We offer Internet connected computers, online parent communication tools, and a variety of proven technology integration strategies in the classroom. At Carthage High School, we understand that our students must be able to use technology effectively to live, learn, and work successfully in an increasingly complex and information-rich society. We currently have a 2.5 to 1 student-to-computer ratio.

CHS also offers an extensive array of career technical courses . The courses are offered through the Carthage Technical Center. Both French and Spanish classes are offered and two consecutive credits of a chosen language is required to graduate with High Academic Honors.

The Missouri Options Program is a short-term intense program for CHS seniors who cannot possible graduate with their cohort class. To be eligible for this class a student must be at least a year behind cohorts and have the basic knowledge neccessary to be successful. For more information contact the counselors' office.